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1- Masks are made from high quality latex and paints

2 -Masks are approximately 25 inches around the brow

3- Masks are made utilizing a revolutionary new molding process which produces masks with
ZERO       detail loss. Each mask, no matter what number you have, has crisp razor sharp detail

4- Masks are made with hand dyed Mohair to replicate the original vintage masks.

5- Masks are coated with a special sealer that protects the paint and latex for optimum preservation.

6. Masks are signed by the artist and come with a signed certifiicate and ''mask care'' sheet

7- Checkout the story behind the making of these 2 masks-
The Captain Project
Nose issue was corrected
Extensive research was done on these masks to make them the most accurate masks available
today.  Some of the top masks on the market today (some recast from actual Kirk masks) were
used as
reference only. There was absolutely NO RECASTING of other masks done on this
project. We were sent pictures from  actuall  Kirk mask owners , which showed incredible detail,
of which was not visable from any other internet pictures.

Myers mask expert Jimmy F. was present over my shoulder for this project, guiding me with his
vast knowledege of how the mask should look. You
WILL see sharp detail and accuracy, from the
nose, to the ears, eyes and mouth. You
WON'T see manicured hairlines or pristine white paint you
see on commercial or some independants masks. After much research, we opted to go with the
look of the original masks- weathered white ''movie'' look, with a somewhat ragged hairline, to
replicate the original hastelity made mass produced mask.
(although, each handiboy mask is
painstakingly made one at a time)
Hair is hand dyed to original color and misted over with black
paint, as was done on the original movie mask. Fleshtone from underneath white paint, is showing
through on ''wear'' areas to replicate original movie mask. Even the inside of the mask is tinted
with a dark brown latex as was the original mask
Masks are made from a revolutionary new molding process, developed by artist Nick Mulpagano
after years of research. There is ZERO loss of detail from mask to mask. Each mask is razor
sharp, no matter what # you have.

A BIG thanks to our friends at, WhiteMaskProductions and BlackHorrorForum
for members' critiques, comments, suggestions and SUPPORT of The CAPTAIN PROJECT.
Pics courtesy of Jimmy F.